Ultra Shield Waterproof FULL Mattress Protection 10 Years

Ultra Shield Waterproof FULL Mattress Protection 10 Years
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Our mattress protection plan has a variety of pads and protectors to specifically cater to the ever-changing mattress industry. Whether it be basic, pillow top, or memory foam, we've got you covered.

10 YEAR WATERPROOF MATTRESS PROTECTOR: This terry cloth mattress protector consists of a cotton toweling top with a polyurethane backing. This combination allows a breathable yet complete waterproof mattress protector that lets nothing get through to the mattress while protecting against dust mites. This protector comes with a 10 year

15 YEAR QUILTED POLY-COTTON MATTRESS PAD: Cotton Blended pads are pretreated with non-allergenic, non-toxic, state-of-the-art fabric protection for the ultimate shield against permanent staining. This pad contains a 6 oz. polyester fill with a machine stitch. Special stain release formula allows for easy stain removal while using home laundry procedures. This pad offers 15 years of warranty coverage.

20 YEAR QUILTED WATERPROOF MATTRESS PAD: Dust Off repels airborne dust which minimizes dusting.

WARRANTY COVERAGE: Covers against any food or beverage normally consumed by humans, any human or pet bodily fluids, mold or mildew, or any accidental rip, tear, and cigarette burn. Warranty coverage also applies to the mattress when purchased at the same time as the mattress pad.

WARRANTY SUPPORT: Toll-Free Number · 800-866-9636 · Customer Service Support (English and Spanish speaking) includes cleaning instructions for stain removal, cleaning products, and/or assistance from a professional cleaner or a repair technician.


  • Machine washable and dry-able - regular laundering does not effect the protection/pad.
  • Expand-A-Grip-Fit - expanded grips sides hold firmly to mattress, stretching up to 22.
  • All mattress pods/protectors offer full replacement warranties for the mattress and the pad/protector.

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