Ultra Shield Fabric Protection 5 Years

Ultra Shield Fabric Protection 5 Years
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The Ultra Shield Fabric Protection Plan offers multiple warranties with full replacement. You can put as many pieces of upholstery on one warranty as you like, which makes this the most profitable program in the industry.


U.S. QD FABRIC PROTECTION: QD “Quick Dry” Fabric Protection is a solvent-based product manufactured for use on natural and synthetic fabrics and can be applied to most fabrics, including silks and microfiber. QD Fabric Protection dries in less than 12 minutes to the touch, making QD the fastest drying fabric protection in the entire industry.

U.S. 2000 FABRIC PROTECTION: Ultra Shield 2000 Fabric Protection is a water-based product manufactured for use on natural and synthetic fabrics.

INVISIBLE TO SIGHT SMELL, OR TOUCH: Our fabric protection products do not affect the fabric upholstery’s look or feel.

CONTAINER SIZES: Available in 5 gallons and 30 gallons.

PRODUCT YIELD: One gallon covers approximately 9 sofas or 27 seats.

NO HARMFUL CFCs OR SILICONES: Compliant with all federal and state government guidelines and environmentally safe.

CONSUMER AND APPLICATOR SAFE: Ultra Shield products are non-toxic, non-allergenic. and safe for children and pets.
All products are tested for effectiveness against water based and solvent based stains.

WARRANTY COVERAGE: Choose from 5 Year, 10 Year, or Lifetime Premium Warranties with coverage against human or pet bodily fluids, any food or beverage, mold, mildew, or any single accidental rip, tear, or cigarette burn


WARRANTY SUPPORT: Toll-Free Number · 800-866-9636 · Customer Service Support (English and Spanish speaking) includes cleaning instructions for stain removal, cleaning products, and/or assistance from a professional cleaner or a repair technician.

Anti-static/dust additive - Repels harmful airborne dust and dirt particles
that can damage leather. This special additive can increase the life of your furniture by 50%.

Ultraviolet inhibitor - Helps reduce fading due to UV radiation exposure from sunlight and fluorescent lights.

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